Make an Offer

What all is involved and what should you expect?

Offer Price

My team and I will help you determine the property’s fair market value based upon comparable sales and current market conditions.

Escrow deposit

Usually 1-2% of the purchase price. 

What is the Escrow Deposit? 

The escrow deposit is also known as “The Good Faith Deposit.” It is typically 2-3% of the purchase price that you put down upfront to show the seller you are serious about the purchase. The higher the escrow, the more attractive the offer is to the seller. You also have the choice of splitting the deposit Into two separate payments

Where does it go?

As soon as we have an executed contract, you have approximately 5 days to get the Escrow Deposit to the office where It will be held, which Is typically the office of the seller’s agent. They will hold it up until closing. the deposit is counted towards your total balance due at closing.

You can submit your escrow deposit by check, cashier’s check, or wire transfer.

Financing amount

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Typically the contingency period is 10 to 15 days unless otherwise stated on the contract, to perform inspections on the home and terminate or renegotiate the contract if the inspection comes back unacceptable.  More on this topic is covered in step 5.

Due Diligence

During this time, we will ensure that the home has clean title, review HOA documents, validate you can obtain home-owners or renters insurance, conduct surveys, review leases and anything else that we might need to input in to your contract.  These items are typically wrapped up with in a 12 to 24 day time period.

Closing date

If getting a mortgage, this is typically 30-45 days from acceptance of the offer. This will be the day the keys are handed over, and all paperwork is signed!.

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